5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday


The holiday season is joyous, hopefully filled with lots of time with family and friends, as well as great food and maybe even a present or two. However, the holidays aren’t all gingerbread and candy canes; usually the holidays bring a spike in accidents and trips to the hospital. If you want to avoid the potential accidents this holiday season, here are five tips to help you have a safe and happy holiday season.

1)      Find a way to de-stress

The holidays involve a lot of activity. Whether it’s positive like being with friends and family or frustrating like shopping and visits from the in-laws (just kidding!), activity can raise blood pressure and stress levels. Even if you don’t consciously feel stressed, your body might believe you’re in stress mode. It’s important, therefore, to find a way to relax. Talk to family members, go to a quiet place, and give yourself plenty of sleep to lower your body’s tension.

2)      Dress appropriately

Weather is one of the biggest causes of accidents, but a factor people don’t often pay enough attention to how they dress for the weather. The winter months, particularly in Texas, can be unpredictable. It’s important to dress versatile to keep warm. Wear layers so you can adapt to changes in the weather and transitions from inside to outside.

3)      Give yourself plenty of time

We’re always in a rush around the holidays. Traveling, shopping, cooking meals, cleaning the house—it’s all about activity! When there’s so much to do, we tend to rush to get it all finished, but the more we rush the greater the chance we make mistakes or cause accidents. Whatever you’re doing, make sure you have plenty of time. This can be a challenge, but not rushing through activities gives you a great chance of making it through the holidays happy and healthy!

4)      Drink safely

Toasting the holidays is common during this time of year, but it’s important to make sure that you follow the law and drink safely. If you plan on drinking with friends or family, call a cab or plan to stay where you are. Also, even if you haven’t been drinking, always be on the lookout for unsafe drivers. Stay clear of people weaving and driving recklessly.

5)      Stay active

With the weather chilly outside and the temptation of great food and company inside, it’s easy to fall out of our exercise routines, but it’s just as important as ever! Take a walk after holiday meals if the weather permits, or head to the gym. Even walking around the mall to return or finding holiday deals will make some difference. Just make sure you don’t stay completely sedentary this holiday!

Whatever you do this holiday season, we hope that you have a safe and happy holiday. Spend time with your family and enjoy your good health!

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