valentines day

Love is in the Air: How Love Can Help Your Health

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate those in your life that love you. It doesn’t have to be romantic love; the love between friends and family is often just as important. It turns out that surrounding yourself with love can actual have some surprising health benefits.

Here are a few ways that love can help your health, just in time for Valentine’s Day:

1)      Healthier habits

It turns out that people who are surrounded by love are less likely to become depressed and/or abuse substances. Married people in particular have much lower rates of depression and substance abuse. Social isolation is linked to depression, so having a spouse can drastically help.

2)      Happy heart

When you’re in love, you have lower blood pressure. A study conducted by the Annals of Behavioral Medicine discovered that married and long-term couples in a happy relationship typically have healthier blood pressure. Having a loving, supportive partner can reduce your stress and provide you with a strong social network.

3)      Reduce anxiety

When you’re single, you face much more anxiety, researchers at the State University of New York discovered. When you love and are loved, your brain releases dopamine, which is a natural chemical reward for happiness. This reduces your anxiety levels, which can help fight a number of stress-related health issues.

4)      Better immune system

One of the greatest depressants of the immune system is stress and depression. When you’re happy and surrounded by loving people, your immune system can actually work better. This boosted immune system is more likely to resist cold or flu viruses.

It’s important to know that love is not replacement for medicine, despite what The Beatles might sing. While love might not be all you need, it can help your health. If you are looking to get quality medical care in Irving, TX, contact the Medical and Surgical Clinic of Irving today!