Fit Foods for Swimsuit Season

Summer is in full swing and whether we’re at the beach or by the pool, the best foods to cool us off are often the least healthy. Here are few healthy options that will keep you feeling cool, even when it’s hot.

• Frozen grapes or cherries – When the temperature soars, there’s nothing better than a frozen treat to cool you down. Instead of ice cream, have a bag of frozen grapes or cherries in the freezer to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you cool.

• Raspberries – Ripe all summer long, raspberries are perfect sprinkled over cereal, blended in smoothies or tossed in a summer salad.

• Mangos – If you’re craving something creamy, try making a mango smoothie. This tropical treat is high in fiber and will thicken up any blended beverage.

• Watermelon – This thirst-quencher is a great substitute for soda, or the perfect afternoon snack after a day in the sun. Since it’s mostly water, it contains very few calories.

• Unsweetened, iced green tea – Stay cool by the pool while sipping this long-time favorite. It can lower your cholesterol while boosting your metabolism.


Healthier Alternatives to Unhealthy Foods

Think you can’t live without certain indulgent treats and snacks? Think again. Check out these common foods, and their healthier alternatives:

• Ice cream: sorbet, sherbet, frozen yogurt
• Donuts, sweet rolls, muffins or pastries: English muffins, bagels or scones
• Chips: popcorn (air- or microwave-popped) or baked or kettle chips
• Mayonnaise on sandwiches: avocado
• Bacon: turkey bacon
• Protein or candy bars: almonds or peanuts
• Creamy salad dressings: olive oil- or vinegar-based dressings
• Hamburgers: turkey burgers, bean burgers, veggie burgers
• Potatoes: sweet potatoes


Three Common Exercise Excuses and How to Beat Them

We all have our reasons for not working out, yet excuses only prevent us from being happy and healthy. Here are some of the most common excuses and ways to overcome them. Remember, no one ever regrets a workout!
Too tired – The first and most common reason to avoid regular exercise evaporates as soon as you push through it the first time. Multiple studies have shown regular physical activity can improve energy.
Too busy – Another popular excuse, it’s an easy out to cite scheduling conflicts before shrugging off the gym, but according to the American Heart Association, only 75 minutes of weekly vigorous exercise is needed to improve your health.

Not motivated – Possibly the most difficult excuse to overcome, there are several ways to jumpstart motivation. One of the best is to post a goal using social media. No one likes falling short in front of others, so commit publicly to hold yourself accountable.