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Surgical Weight Loss Options at MSCI

The Medical and Surgical Clinic of Irving recently welcomed Dr. Melanie Hafford to our team. An experienced surgeon, Dr. Hafford specializes in bariatric surgery and helps patients achieve their weight loss goals. Losing weight can have major health benefits; in fact, research has shown that losing as little as 10 pounds can significantly improve a person’s life. Surgical weight loss might be the option for some patients, and MSCI now offers a number of surgical weight loss options for patients to consider.

The first surgical weight loss option is a sleeve gastrectomy, or sometimes called a gastric sleeve. On average, patients who receive a sleeve gastrectomy can expect to lose between 50-60% of their excess body weight. This procedure involves removing a part of the stomach and creating a sleeve. In total, around 75% of the stomach will be removed, causing the patient to eat less food and have a decrease in hunger. However, your stomach will continue to process food and absorb food as it had before.

The next surgical weight loss procedure is a gastric bypass. One of the most common bariatric surgery procedures, a gastric bypass can help patients lose (on average) between 60 and 80% of their excess body weight. This procedure makes food take a bit of a detour through the stomach. A gastric bypass creates a “pouch” in the stomach that then connects to the rest of the digestive tract. Because the food bypasses such an extensive part of the body, patients can expect rapid weight loss.

The final procedure we offer at MSCI is lap band surgery. Comparatively speaking, lap band is very straightforward and is minimally invasive. In a lap band surgery, a band is placed around the top part of a stomach. This band limits the amount of food a person can eat. Lap band procedures can be reversed, although patients will have to also get the lap band adjusted from time to time, as well as have their physician check on the status of the band. Patients on average lose around 40% of their excess body weight.

With any of these procedures, it’s important to talk to a physician. Surgical weight loss is an option for some individuals, and there are many misconceptions about gastric surgeries. Fortunately, Dr. Hafford offers a free information session on a regular basis. If you’re interested in bariatric surgeries, contact Dr. Hafford directly by calling 972-823-3230.