Introducing MSCI’s Kidney Stone Clinic

Kidney stones are no fun. Unfortunately, research indicates that the rate of kidney stones in the US is actually on the rise: currently 13% of men and 7% of women will develop kidney stones at some point in their life. Even more alarming, 50% of individuals who develop kidney stones will have another kidney stone within 10 years. Finally, there’s the cost: Americans will spend more than $5 billion on kidney related treatments and diagnoses. MSCI is here to help those suffering from kidney stones and those at risk of developing kidney stones by introducing our kidney stone clinic.

Kidney stones can cause pain if they become too large. At a certain point, they begin to obstruct the drainage system, which can cause damage to the kidneys. Over time, this might even lead to kidney infection, bleeding, or kidney failure. Under certain circumstances, you might need to undergo surgery.

There are many factors that can cause kidney stones, but some of the most common factors include concentrated urine, high urinary calcium, uric acid, and substances that inhibit urinary functions like citrate. Because many of these factors are from lifestyle choices, some of these conditions may persist after a kidney stone, hence the likelihood that a reoccurrence takes place within 10 years

Our kidney stone clinic offers help to those suffering from this disease. Combining the expertise of our nephrology and urology departments, our interdisciplinary clinic helps explain the risk factors of kidney stones to patients while also treating existing kidney stones. Dr. Grandhi and Dr. Smith work together to provide comprehensive care to patients, creating individualized care plans that help minimize the chance of reoccurrence.

The kidney stone clinic at MSCI offers treatments for:

-Multiple kidney stones

-Counseling for those with a family history of kidney stones

-Patients who need kidney stone removal

-Stones that are comprised of various acids


Kidney stone pain can be excruciating, so if you are worried that you have a kidney stone, be sure to talk to a physician as soon as possible, particularly if you have a family history of kidney stones. Our clinic in Irving offers the latest treatments and exceptional doctors who will do their best to put you on the road to recovery. For more information, schedule an appointment with your doctor by calling 972-253-4200