Urologists specialize in the surgical and medical diseases that affect the urinary tract systems of both males and females as well as male reproductive organs. Oftentimes, urologists manage both surgical treatments and medical conditions depending on the diagnoses of their patients. At the Medical and Surgical Clinic of Irving, our urologist works with each patient to create a specific treatment plan and build rapport in order to establish trust and comfort.

Common urological problems like kidney stones and urinary tract infections can cause day-to-day discomfort and cannot typically be treated without the supervision of an urologist. Other maladies such as stress incontinence often require sensitivity and trust between the patient and their urologist. We understand the importance of this relationship and take care to make each of our patients feel comfortable by encouraging them to ask questions.

Staying current with the latest guidelines and treatments, our urologist team delivers the best care possible to individuals throughout Irving and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Our urology team has also partnered with our nephrology department to create an innovative and comprehensive kidney stone clinic. Working together, these two departments provide care to help those suffering from kidney stones, a disease which costs Americans more than $5 billion dollars every year in medical bills. On top of helping those suffering from kidney stones, our Irving kidney stone clinic also aims to help individuals from having recurring kidney stones. If you suspect you are suffering from kidney stones or have had a kidney stone within the last 10 years, consider coming to our kidney stone clinic.

William A. Smith, Jr., MD